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Founded in 2007, PSG Stone is a family company located in the most prestigious limestone's area of Portugal. It transforms natural stones and its knowledge and experience, passed from generation to generation, is able to make the difference in such a competitive sector.

With a covered area of about 8000m2, PSG Stone is always innovating, not only in the new production techniques, but also in the equipment (the new cut machines, CNC and others) and also in the innovation of the products of excellent quality and extraordinary design, offered to its clients, creating sophisticated, elegant and timeless environments.

Environmental sustainability is a flag to PSG Stone. In order to minimize its ecological footprint, the company invested in renewable energy. Solar panels were installed and concerning the waters used in the production, we've implemented a system of water recycling.

PSG Stone's main activity is to export to the international markets, such as China and Europe, where its products, most of them exclusive for PSG Stone, are quite well received in these markets and create a great harmony and elegance in the locations where they are applied.

PSG Stone is part of a group of other companies that have their own quarries, which allows us to have a much better control of the quality of our products, as we can accompany all the production processes, from the extraction to the finishing and this way, supply to our clients the quality they expect.

PSG Stone's products are mainly slabs, cut to size, finished product with different types of finishing, like honed, polished, etc. and specific projects with certain specifications, and we are able to easily adapt to our client's special requirements. Feel free to come and visit us, and visit our website: www.psgstone.pt

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